Creating the Life You've Always Wanted

Everyday you have the choice to start again, to do your best and to live the life of your dreams. But if your dreading the alarm in the morning, hitting the snooze button over and over again, and not happy with the life, body or financial situation that you are living, it's okay.
Why? You ask. How can this be okay? Because every aspect of your life is changeable; your body and health, your prosperity (or lack there of), and your ability to think differently. 
Did you know that the way you see the world is only through the eyes of the person who you are right now? And if you're feeling crappy, unsuccessful, fat, sluggish and inadequate, or unloved then that's what you see in the world. 
Through the eyes of your fat, sluggish, lack driven self, you get back exactly what you think. So, whatever you think about yourself, you see in the world and you see in others.
What if your reality could change, or shift to show you the lightness, beauty and prosperity health and adoration that you so deserve? 
What if so easily this could be accomplished? Do you believe that it can happen?
Of course it can! It can happen to you! Read below to find out how three simple steps can start you on your way to the life you've always dreamed of, the body your believe is waiting for you and the prosperity and love in relationships that you deserve.  
Let Maureen Dinkins be your cheerleader, and coach you into living the best that life has to offer. It will be an easy, simple process.



Step One Movement~ Customized Yoga

No matter where you are or what your fitness level, yoga is a great place to start to connect with your body. Simple movements that are connected to easy, yet deep breathing techniques can get you started on your path to a better feeling body.
Most people want to lose weight, but weight loss should not be the goal. A good feeling body, a clear mind and an overall sense health should be the goal.
With a customized yoga practice, from beginner to the physically fit, Maureen will create a yoga practice to challenge you and help you attain your fitness and health goals. Once you start, you won't want to ever stop the progression of increased body movement and the the fullness of breath and life that you have attained through a system especially designed for you, the individual.
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Step Two ~ Conscious Consumption

Food has everything to do with how our bodies feel and function. We all know that when we eat foods that can be harsh on our bodies, we feel tired, weak or even sick. Common problems are indigestion, constipation or irritable bowels. 
The food we eat can determine how we move, think and react to life. When the food we eat is not energetically valuable to our system, our digestive system, and effectively many other parts of the body start to react in way that cause illness, migraines, even cancer and other terminal illnesses.
What if I told you that you could eat whatever you wanted and still feel good? Well you can, because, when you start doing good things with your body, like movement and meditation, your body craves the things that foods that feed it for fuel.
Everyday, Maureen tells herself, "Today I can eat whatever I want." But you know what? Most days, she wants the foods that feed her soul, the foods that will feel good tomorrow and not just for the moment. Resisting temptations is hard. So don't resist them, allow the temptations to come. Soon you will no longer want the foods you used to crave. 
When you practice better eating habits, and you notice how your eating habits not only affect your body, but the world around you, eventually you no longer want them. When you become hungry, you ask yourself "What do I want?" And the answers start to change. Instead of fries or pizza, you crave a salad or fruit. 
Each day you start to feel better though the foods that your body needs to fuel your inner joy. Joyful, conscious eating starts to occur and you no longer feel the need to infect your body with junk "foods."
Soon, food becomes the medicine and optimum health becomes your baseline. Some students of Maureen's have even gotten off all of their medications and see no need to continue pumping their body with toxic chemicals through prescriptions, illicit drugs and yes, even chemically enhanced "foods."
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Step Three~ Meditation

Whether you are new Meditation or have been using meditation practice for a while, let Maureen show you how to use the power of your mind to create the life you are meant to be living. 
No matter how far you have to go to reach your goals, a daily Meditation practice can help you move closer than you have ever been. With consistency and a dedicated practice of only 15-20 minutes a day, your dreams of prosperity, love and health can start to become a reality.
As you start with a guided meditation, with your teacher, you will soon become able to quiet you mind enough to start observing your thought patterns. Once you are able to step away from the thoughts that seem to cause you to act in ways that are unnecessary or detrimental to yourself and others, a subtle but profound change starts to occur within. 
A simple, yet keen sense of awareness withing starts to emerge. Your view of life starts to become more beautiful and the interactions with those in your life become easy and natural.  
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Start Now, Don't Wait Another Day

Life is too short to feel unwell, unhappy, unloved or deprived. Wellness, joy, love and prosperity are waiting for you right now.

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