Watermelon Life

Why Watermelon!?!?

Every watermelon I bought this summer was delicious. Each one was picked from a different market or grocery store and I never paid more than $3.99, some I got for only $1.99!

What's my secret? Lots of practice and advice from those who know.

First, you gotta know what to look for. The perfect watermelon should not be too big. I love the personal sized watermelons, but I can eat one in a day. The big watermelons are great for parties, but take a long time to cut up, make a lot of a mess and are difficult to carry to your car. Your best bet is a medium sized seedless watermelon.

To make sure you are buying a ripe, sweet, juicy watermelon, you must flip it over and see where it has been sitting on the ground. If it's white or a very pale yellow, it's not ripe. Choose a watermelon that is either all green or is more yellow on the bottom where it was sitting on the earth.

Next, make sure it seems heavy. If it seems heavier than some of the others the same size, it's because it has more water in it and it will be juicier than ones without. Once you get it home, make sure you cut it up within one or 2 days, otherwise it will become overripe and taste grainy. Grainy watermelons may still have a sweet juicy taste to them, so don't waste them. Blend them up and make popsicles or juice with them.

Be sure to cut up the whole thing and store it in the fridge. This will ensure you get to eat most of it before it's time is done. It's a lot of work cutting and storing a watermelon, I do recommend you do it all at once. Watermelon in the fridge, in a sealed container, can last you up to a week.

My favorite way to enjoy watermelon is as a juice. I take and entire container and dump it into the blender. With a little whirl, you now have a light healthy snack. It's also yummy chopped up in a salad with feta cheese, or on it's own. However you like your watermelon, make the most out of summer by enjoying this cooling and filling fruit!


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