Cool Carrot Salad

Only 5 ingredients!

This totally easy and delicious salad is vegan and a hit at all the parties I’ve brought it to.

Because whenever we get invited to parties, especially holiday ones, the food selections are usually meat and dairy. So, when I have to bring something to a party, I want to make sure that at least my husband and I have something to eat.

There’s usually a vegetable tray at these things, but every vegetarian knows that cheese cubes and the carrot and celery sticks are not enough to make a meal.

Here’s a quick and easy dish that will be a crowd pleaser.

Moong Dahl, which can often be found in the dry bean or ethnic foods sections of your grocery store. I buy them at the local Indian Grocery Market.

GIANT Carrots, the size of a large banana. Twice the size of a medium cucumber.


3 Large (GIANT) carrots (or one lb. bag of skinny carrots)~shredded(grated)

1/4 cup of dry moong dahl (pictured above)

One lime juiced

Salt (a few pinches)

1/4 cup Unsweetened Shredded Coconut

You can usually get the GIANT carrots at a local farmer’s market or produce stand. Since you will have to shred the carrots, the bigger ones are easier to do by hand. If you have a grater for your food processor, then you can easily use any size carrots.

To the grated carrots add the rest of the ingredients and mix evenly. Taste to add more salt or lime to your liking. Let sit for an hour or so before serving, otherwise the dahl will be too crunchy. Enjoy!


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