And I’m Down

The state of the world right now has really gotten me down. There is so much hate and negativity. I cannot handle it and want to find a rock to hide under. I don’t want to come out or talk to anyone until this is over, when the shooting stops, when the politicians truly work for the people, when Trump is no longer president of the USA.

I want a ban on guns, peace to be taught in schools, and rehabilitation to be practiced in the jails and prisons. I want the news to show stories of progress, resilience, prosperity and joy. I want communities of friendly neighbors to thrive and I want everyone to be healthy, strong and productive; and if they are not, I want them to have access to affordable healthcare. I want the food supply to have actual nutritional value and for it to not contain poisons or unnatural chemicals. I want a food source that does not harm the Earth, it’s people or the animals.

I want for people to have meaningful jobs, and enjoyable vacations. I want courtesy to others to be the norm instead of “every man for themself.” I want the children to safely play in the streets with other children who come from all different races, religions, countries and backgrounds. I want to live in a secure environment where the people trust law enforcement and where law enforcement officers enjoy doing their jobs by helping and protecting the people.

I want teachers to enjoy teaching and students to enjoy going to school. I want to live in a country where education is valued and where all of it’s people have free access to it. I want to live in a place where I can say what I please, but have no intention to offend the beautiful diversity of my people. I want harmony among our citizens. I want love for all of my country to spread, so that hate is such a terrible option, no on even considers anything less than kindness.

I am tired of the fighting, the “sides” the divisions we have chosen in this country. I am sick of the spewing of bigotry and hate. I am tired of waiting for things to get better. When will it get better? Until then, don’t come looking for me under my rock.

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