7 Days, No Facebook

Day seven has arrived and not once have a scrolled through Facebook. For some people this is no big deal, they’re not interested in it. But for people like me, their lifeline, it was something I knew I had to cut back on. But every theme I lit up my phone, that’s where I went, first thing. I have even kept my Facebook App Icon off my first set of screens, forcing me to go into my apps to click on it. A couple of years ago I thought that would make me thing before scrolling…it didn’t.

So on Tuesday, of last week, I just decided to not go on it anymore. For how long? I am not sure. What I was sure of was that I have been on Facebook for 10 years. TEN YEARS!!! How much of that past ten years for my life have I wasted looking at what other people are doing? Or portraying that they are doing? ENOUGH! I don’t want to waste anymore time on Facebook.

I mean, I am not addicted to twitter or Tumblr, or even Pinterest. So why was I so involved with Facebook? It was an addiction. An addiction to other people’s victories and losses; and addiction to arguing and “fake news.” It was an addiction to the horrors of life and a “What are you going to do about it?” attitude.

After last Monday, I was left sick, ill from the events of the night before, toppled over by the news that one of my favorite rock icons had passed over. And I could not stop looking. I had already been defeated by the news coming from Puerto Rico and the repugnant attitude from the federal government. I was pushed to the brink, and I did it to myself. I could not turn away from what I already knew, yet I was sucked into wanting to know more.

That was the end. I could not longer sift through the bad news, the negative comments, the “look what you can do to help” posts. I was part of the problem, and I didn’t want to be part of that anymore.

I thought after the election I had dropped all of the people who were vehement in their political views. And things in my feed were good, for a while. But tradgedy strikes and people start spitting fire in every direction. I couldn’t take it anymore.

So, a week later, how do I feel? It’s unbelievable the way that I feel. The time I would have spent on Facebook, I’ve dedicated to meditation. The external noise has quieted so much, and I feel freer to think what I want to think. My mind was being affected by so many other’s opinions of everything.

It’s true that several times I went to my app setting on my phone, only to ask myself, “What am I doing?” It was almost automatic to open up Facebook and just start scrolling. But I didn’t. I stayed away, and boy, do I feel good. It’s like I’ve broken an addiction and I don’t want to go back there.

Yes, some of you will still see posts from me there, but they will probably come from other apps. I won’t completely delete the app from my phone, because I have so many contacts that I communicate by messenger with. For business purposes I will use the Pages app and at some point I will have to create events for things. But for now, we are officially broken up, me and Facebook. Sure we can still be friends, but not ones with benefits.

;). Maureen

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