New Years Thoughts

Every year, we have a chance to start again. Well, actually every day, every morning, every minute. We constantly have the chance to turn things around and make them work in our favor. Whether it’s January or June, the time to start again is now.

I always set new intentions for the New Year and usually I can stick to them. It’s mostly a sense of peace, calm and renewed spirit that I seek the most. Every year feels different, every year I mature and like the way my life is going. Each New Year opens the possibilities for new adventures and new experiences. I an lucky to say that I already have new adventures planned in 2017.

The first one is a yoga and cultural trip to Cuba. It’s something I have been dreaming about for a long time. As I sought out the opportunity, the opportunity sought out me, and things worked perfectly together. Check out the link on the menu bar for more information if you are interested. I am very excited to see the island and how it has been kept in time.

Next is another trip to Europe to see my yoga teacher. He will be in Copenhagen & Stockholm again in August and I hope to go study with him this year. The cool weather of Northern Europe is such a nice break from the long oppressive heat in Florida, especially in August.

Also, with the coming of the New Year comes new students and more yoga classes. I am looking forward to expanding the Ashtanga yoga classes at Inspirit Studio this year.

So many new things to look forward to and so many exciting things to prepare for. I hope all of you also have an exciting New Year planned and that health, love and happiness follow you all throughout 2017.

With love,


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