Veteran’s Day in America 11/11/16


It’s been quite a week. Reflecting on it, I feel more empowered than ever. At first there was disbelief, then denial, then sadness for our country. But now I can only choose hope, faith and love.

I ask that all of you stop posting on your pages all the horror & injustices happening right now. Flood the internet with good things, amazing things, positive encounters and interactions!

When we know time and time again that kindness, respect, compassion, strength and beauty exist in this country constantly, we will all reflect that and it will expand.

Now is the time to begin again. Dust off our boots and stand for what’s right.

Now is the time to let go of hate, move towards hope and release our anxieties.

Anger, frustration, shock and awe, no longer serve us as we awaken to move in a new direction.

Only love can guide us, only kinship can help us, only faith in ourselves and others can light up the path to move forward.

Disagree if you may, keep posting negativity on your pages.

Keep focusing on what’s wrong and not right if you must.

But that is contributing to the problem and doing nothing to help solve it.

When you see hate, show love and offer compassion;

for they do not know the error of their ways.

When you see injustice, speak up;

but show kindness in your firm words.

When you see racism;

Offer an outstretched hand of acceptance.

When you see sexism;


When you see homophobia;

Show love, for that is what we all want,

To be loved.

And when faced with adversity;

Turn the other cheek, walk away.

Not an easy decision, I know, but one you will not regret.

Battling a war against the ignorant cannot be won.

For they can’t comprehend how beautiful, strong, powerful we are.

The ignorant see only despair.

The ignorant use hate to make their point.

The ignorant have no hope, no peace, no compassion.

The ignorant use their ignorance to wage their wars.

Tell me, which do you choose?

Ignorance or the light, the love, the hope, the genius that shines deep from within you?

Which is the easier path to take?

Hate or Hope?

Fear or Belief?

Destruction or Construction of a New America?

A beautiful America.

We can live in peace and prosperity, we just have to choose it for ourselves.

The United States of America is my home.

I have traveled the world many times over, and know what a great country it is that we live in.

I know the generosity of our people.

I hold respect for our Constitution, however flawed it may be.

For it was created by humans, hundreds of years ago, and as humans we are all flawed.

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