Four Weeks In…

Sorry about that you are receiving 2 posts form me today. The last one I tried to send out last week, but it kept misfiring. Expecting it to do the same thing again, they all went out without a hitch. So that last post is from last weekend.

Yes, I finally got a scooter and I realized how much happier I am. Now that I don’t have to walk everywhere, I feel that I have more energy. Plus, it’s getting hot! February starts the hot dry season, March and April are worse with temperatures getting up near 100 degrees everyday, with no rain in sight. These months are their summertime months and the children are out of school. The Shala closes down at the end of March and people mostly stay indoors between 11am and 4pm. By March, most of the shops are only open in the mornings and evenings, for very few places have air conditioning. Lucky for me I will be heading home on the 1st of March, just in time to enjoy the beautiful Spring weather & the smell of the citrus blossoms.

For now, I have one more month left here in Mysore. One more class this week and I will be over the hump and cruising downhill. It was a grueling week of practice but I made it through. Tomorrow we will have full led Primary class. It takes about a month to settle in. Many students that I have met here on their first trip only came for one month, which is still a long time, but barely enough time to really dig into your practice. By the time you get adjusted, it’s time to go. Two months for me is a good enough time. I would like one day to be able to spend three months, but I am not sure when I will be able to make that happen.

This photo at the top of the email is the Mysore Palace. Of course I did not take this photo, but it’s beautiful, isn’t it? Every Sunday night for about an hour they light up the palace. Mysore is a hot spot for tourists, not just the yoga students. The palace is spectacular and you can tour the many hallways and rooms during the day. The paintings they house inside make it seem more like a museum. What is funny is that when they light up the palace at night, all the surrounding neighborhoods have to give up their electricity to support it. At least that’s what I heard. Not sure if it’s true anymore, but I know that it was at one time.

During my first trip here in 2007, I remember the power going out daily, about every afternoon for several hours. When I returned in 2012 it went out about once a week for a couple of hours. Now, it has only gone out for a few minutes one time this entire month. And the good thing is that my landlady has the internet router on the generator, so if the power goes out, I still have internet. It seems that India is progressing leaps and bounds and they really know what’s important…lol the internet!

Anyway, I just wanted to let you all know that I miss you and am thinking about you. In addition to my schedule at Inspirit, I will be adding an evening Mysore program at Harmony Yoga in Maitland, Mondays through Fridays 4-6pm. If you know anyone who lives in North Orlando, let them know or they can go to my website for the schedule at Urban Ashtanga.

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