Monsoon Season

It’s August in Florida and although we don’t call it Monsoon Season, it definitely is. It’s been raining for the past 5 days, with only a short break every couple of hours. The pool in the back yard of our new house is almost full and we don’t know how to drain it. It’s nice though, the weather temperatures have cooled down considerably since July and days like these give you a reason to curl up with a good book. But luckily, I will be heading out of town for most of the month to cooler and more interesting places.

On Thursday I head to Copenhagen for a week to practice Ashtanga yoga with my teacher Sharath Jois, then on to Stockholm for another week of practice where he will be teaching. It will be cool there, if not downright cold for this native Floridian. Just like what we consider winter. Then as soon as I get home, my husband and I head out to California for a wedding. It’s a whirlwind month of travel and I feel as if I deserve it since I’ve pretty much been staying put for the past year and a half, minus the weekend in Costa Rica in March.

Traveling is something that I am driven to do. When I got into the relationship with my husband several years ago, I knew that I was ready to settle down. I had already been to 22 countries and just returned from a year and a half in Asia when we first started dating. Back then I would plan these lofty trips for us to take and they never worked out. I soon realized that traveling was in my blood and maybe not so much in his. After a couple of years of dating, I just continued to plan trips on my own. He’s ok with it. He even encourages me, brags to his friends about the places I’ve been and the things I’ve seen and experienced. He’s even supported me financially on some of my trips. I’m glad I can go and continue to travel abroad with the support of my husband.

But I think that he enjoys his “alone” time even though we do miss each other terribly when we are apart. We’ve learned that being apart makes us not only stronger individuals but stronger together. And I am always changed for the better each time I venture outside my comfort zone. This trip will be one of those times. Getting out of my comfort zone and traveling alone, something I have done since I was 21, reminds me of who I really am. It gives me self confidence and a connectedness to the world and it’s people. It makes me realize how fortunate I am to be able to see the world on my own terms. For that I am grateful.

Stay tuned for upcoming posts about my trip over the next few weeks.

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